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Canadian FLue Cured Tobacco is the premium of brightleaf tobacco. Try some today for a new experience in RYO (Roll Your Own) Cigarettes

American Flue cured Tobacco is grown for its full flavor. Marlboro and Pall Mall are full flavor smokes. If you like a strong cigarette this is the tobacco for you.

The perfect mix, we have been custom blending tobacco for our customers for years. This is the blend most of our customers prefer it is a combination of Canadian, Virginian, and American Tobacco.

One pound of tobacco makes approximately two and one half cartons of cigarettes. Our famous internet special gives you the finest cigarettes you've ever smoked for less than $15.00 per carton

Finest Quality Cigarette Tobacco

Our reputation was built on the principle that he best way to build a business is to offer highest quality at affordable prices. We have years of experience in the Tobacco business and we have applied that experience towards selecting only the finest tobacco available anywhere at any price. The quality becomes evident at first taste. Other shops may have a cheaper cut or cure of tobacco, but we built our reputation by offering only the absolute highest quality of tobacco available anywhere at any price. It only takes one cigarette, crafted from any of our fine tobaccoes and you will immediatly realize the difference quality makes. Several of our customers who have run out of RYO tobacco and resorted to purchasing a pack of their previous favorite national brand tell us they can taste the chemicals and the harsh burn flavor of cheap low quality tobacco which is evident in commercial cigarettes
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High Quality Roling Machines

With Years of experience in the retail Tobacco Business we have learned a thing or two about cigarette Rolling Machines. The "screw" types which use a spiral spring or screw to inject the tobacco into the tubes are a mistake of engineering and we refuse to sell them. They are known for the cherry or fire falling off and have been responsible for numerous burn holes in clothing and furniture The preferred type of technology uses a "spoon" or ram to press and inject the tobacco into the tubes. This type of machine which will produce a cigarette of a consistant quality equal to national brands. We also do not carry some brands for quality reasons, when we noticed that our customers were returning the cheaper chinese made brands with cracked plastic and broken parts we decided not to carry or offer those brands. Our Goal is to have satisfied customers, to that end we have selected Cigarette Rolling Machines which will provide years of service and consistantly produce a quality cigarette.
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Tubes | Tobacco Shredders | accessories

Filtered cigarette tubes come in three basic flavors. Light, full flavor, and menthol. As the federal government hs outlawed menthol tobacco, even amongst national brands the menthol flavoring is provided by the tubes. With filtered tubes and a good injector styled cigarette rolling machine you can creat professional quality cigarettes that look, feel, and smoke just like the national brands. With the right blend of tobacco and the correct tubes you can match the flavor of Marlboro Cigarettes, Winston Cigarettes, Newport Cigarettes, Camel Cigarettes, 305 Cigarettes, L&M Cigarettes, Pall Mall Cigarettes, Salem Cigarettes, Menthol Cigarettes, or any other brand you prefer. We carry only high quality tubes, brands we have decided to carry because they provide our customers with a satisfactory experience.
Cheap tubes are a frustration and we don't carry them
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